Status of the Foreign Students -Jan 30, 1995

Kobe University

The International Student Center (ISC, Ryugaku-sei Center) of Kobe 
University (078-803-0035/0036) has been inquiring into the safety 
status of foreign students, after the earthquake, which has been named 
Hyogo-Ken Nambu Erthquake (Southern Hyogo Earthquake).  According to 
the Staff of the ISC, the status of all the foreign students at Kobe 
University has been confirmed by Fri, 27 Jan 95.  Unfortunately, seven 
foreign students were killed in the earthquake and one was injured.  
All the other 544 students have been confirmed to be safe.

    We greatly appreciate the cooperation of many friends all over the 
world.  We are grateful to all the people who have contacted the ISC
and/or the task force members (K.Ebina, T.Samura, & K.Taruma:

The deceased foreign students (7):

        Cao, Xuan       (f)     China   AGR     research student
        Chen, Yi Chuen  (f)     China   SCI     graduate student
        Fu, Jian Houng  (m)     China   ENG     research student
        Khin Thet Swe   (f)     Myanmar CCS     research student
        Mu, Zhi Bin     (m)     China   GST     research student
	Wai, Moe, Lwin  (f)     Myanmar CCS     research student
        Wu, Jie         (f)     China   BUS     full-time student

The number of the injured foreign students:  1

The number of the foreign students who have been confirmed to be safe:  544

CCS = Fac. of Cross Cultural Studies
BUS = Fac. of Business Administration / Grad. Sch. of Business Administration
SCI = Fac. of Science / Grad. Sch. of Science
ENG = Fac. of Engineering / Grad. Sch. of Engineering
AGR = Fac. of Agriculture / Grad. Sch. of Agriculture
GST = Grad. Sch. of Science and Technology